Super Giant Bubbles Recipe

Giant Bubble Recipe and directions. What a fun activity for the kids in the summer. #kids #bubbles #summer #fun

Millions and Jillions of Bubbles!

Balloon Tennis ~ Fun idea for the kids when they are bored in the summertime or a children's party.

Love This Crazy Life // Moon Sand recipe and review

Finger knitting is very addictive and children love it for its simplicity and ease. Must learn to do this!

Homemade DOODLE Paint Recipe. The consistency of the paint makes it really easy for kids to draw and make designs- SO FUN!

Homemade Juggle Bubbles

homemade paint

pipe cleaner pieces and a magnet= hours of fun

How-to Hand Shadows

Play Recipe- How to make your own glowing bounce balls

Fathers day

DIY Floam for Kids using styrofoam cups. Super easy and inexpensive way to make this fun play floam. #kidscrafts

Our Most Used Kids Craft Supplies: A Look in My Cupboard

Grandparent Interview Questions | Do your children know the life stories of their grandparents? Let this printable and post encourage you to ask. {the House of Hendrix}

Great summer to do list. Sit down as a family to brainstorm a list of activities to get done before then end of summer. Schedule items each week, so it all gets done. This is a great idea for other times of the year as well. (Christmas, winter break, spring break, fall festivities) Make each list creative. ie, Leaves with the tasks written on them and hang them from a spooky tree.

Making Memories ... One Fun Thing After Another: Homemade Silly Putty (or Flarp)

We Love Being Moms!: 10 Homemade Play-dough Recipes with critiques about quality, amount made, and how long it lasts!