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French painter and collage artist Anastassia Elias creates tiny scenes with paper inside cardboard toilet paper tubes. Anastassia uses paper the same color as the cardboard tubes to build up the intricate pictures of people, which gives the illusion that the scene taking place inside the walls are actually part of the roll itself. The models, which sell for £90 each, come alive when light is shined through the roll from one end. The details and depth of each piece is impressive.

Paper Cuts – Rolls by Anastassia Elias

shadow box tins: future Sean crafts. I already find these tins in every pocket he has, he might as well make little scenes for the inside.

Amazing Toilet Paper Tube Art

Amazing Paper Art

lasercut records become clocks.

toilet paper rolls

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Paper art

Artist Anastassia Elias describes the process behind her miniature sculptures: "I cut the little paper silhouettes I then glue inside the toilet paper roll. I use tweezers to do so. I use the paper the same color as the roller. It gives an illusion that the little people are part of the paper roll."

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wish I had this as a kid!

DIY Paper Candlestick Pattern

Clouds Toilet Paper Shelf! Ah, cute!

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