Newport Beach by Wendy Sue Anderson for Making Memories from Scrapbooking Tips  Tricks: Texture

Wendy Sue Anderson - Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks - Texture: scrapbook page, custom title, die-cutting - die cut title on card stock, then trace on sandpaper for beach layout

Punch Folded Cardstock to Create Scrapbook Page Backgrounds - paper chain effect

Paper-Punch Techniques for Scrapbooking

Learn new ways to use basic paper punches for not-so-basic results on scrapbook pages. From simple shapes to intricate border punches, these versatile tools can make scrapbooking easier and help you express your creativity. page song

Use Song Lyrics As Scrapbook Page title. Editor's Tip: When using quotes or song lyrics, credit the artist. Annette referenced Trace Adkins for this song in small handwriting under the lyric strips to avoid detracting from the rest of her page.