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A diatonic accordion. An accordion is a small portable free-reed wind instrument with a keyboard, the smallest representative of the organ family. The sound is made by a thin metal ribbon, a reed, that is held at one end and free at the other, like a ruler on the edge of a table top. The reed is fitted inside a holder plate, air is drawn through the hole in the holder, the reed vibrates, producing sound.

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Parte central de La Piedra del Sol que representa el mito del quinto sol. Nahui-Ollin, el quinto sol (del náhuatl, cuatro movimiento, "sol de movimiento"), periodo que está destinado a desaparecer por la fuerza del movimiento o temblor de tierra, Cultura Mexica. Período Posclásico. Tenochtitlan. hoy Ciudad de México D. F. mcba.