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  • Elizabeth Woolwine

    I listened to the song recently and remembered that since I first saw this a few years back, this has been one of my favorite videos. The appeal is that you can't really tell what's happening until the end, then you want to watch it again. Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver - YouTube

  • karin mccurdy

    Interpol Heinrich Maneuver Trippy video...

  • Beth B

    Interpol - the Heinrich Maneuver. Great song. Odd video. And my long-time ring-tone, so I am startled over and over and over. "How are things on the West Coast????"

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Interpol-obstacle 1 "I wish i could eat the salt off your last faded lips"... LINE ONE O_O lol

This was the music video that turned me onto Interpol... :)

Music video for Interpol's song 'Untitled', directed by Tom McPhee and Steve Parsons for a college project.

4-3-12 Lyric of the Day: "Well, I have faded in the dark. So don't you ever kiss me. Don't you wish on me." - "Stars" by Fun.

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Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead. I would listen to this all day every day if I could. It never gets old. And it makes me feel like anything I'm ever going through is going to be okay. ♥

Kings Of Leon - On Call. Caleb looks a bit creepy in this video, but love love love this song!

Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen - Oh My God ft. Lily Allen

CRYSTAL CASTLES: Arguably the wierdest group I listen to. This song is totally their best, but overall they just have a rocking sound that gets your feet movin and your hips groovin. Xcept for songs when the girl is screaming to creepy arcade sounds. But otherwise, AWESOME.

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