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  • Lisa Gerulaitis

    A good book makes for a great day at the beach

  • Juliet Deaton

    My two book worms, Jacklyn and Justin


    We hate to say so, but summer vacation is almost over! :( Maximize the time that’s left by visiting your local (and hopefully air-conditioned) library to pick up a great book for some front porch-sitting, pool-side lounging, or sandy sunbathing. Need some reader-alike suggestions? Check out the Novelist database on! Check out !

  • Herminia Sol

    Read Any Good Books Lately? on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  • Susan Brown

    Good books add so much to a good vacation Read Any Good Books Lately? by wackystuff on Flickr.

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Yes! When I read I become part of book!

This ... will always be more impressive to own ... than this! Couldn't agree more. I love my books! www.janetcampbell...

I'm not against Kindles at all, but I suspect I'll always prefer paper books. Holding them, flipping the pages, smelling them, feeling the paper, everything.

If everybody would read the world would be a better place :) the only cure for ignorance

I may have taken this quote a little too seriously

This reminds me of a book I've read where the character climbs over a wall to get away from school - Eustace in Narnia? Can't remember now.

pocket sized vintage 1947 copy of Les Miserables book (no.1),on Etsy. $9.

Slightly Ignorant's Bookish Place

myretronest - in Melbourne, Australia -- Express your geeky side with this gorgeous art print ‘All you need are books and tea’.

I love to read. I would die if I didn't have books. That may sound fatuous, but books have been among my best friends since I was four. ~Sandra Bell Kirchman.

Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be