❖ Vøringfossen - Norway

Hardanger - Norway

Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland by Snorri Gunnarsson

St Nectan’s Kieve, Cornwall, England The waterfall in St. Nectan’s Glen has been described as one of the ten most spiritual sites in the country. It falls first into a kieve, orbasin (the Kieve is a potent symbol of Mother Earth and has long been a place of worship, reverence and healing since Celtic times). After the water leaps over a rock and into the kieve, it overflows and another waterfall carries the water to the lower level of the valley, where Condolden Barrow sits

Briksdalsbreen Glacier, Norway

The Seven Sisters Waterfall - Norway

Haifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Alfavatn Lake, Iceland

500px / Photo " Devetashka cave" by Silvia S.

Oslo: The Capital of Norway. Vintage travel poster.

The Merced River in Yosemite - California - USA

Geiranger, Norway Need to add to the bucket list, I remember reading about the fiords in the 6th grade and wanting to see them so badly!

Between the Fjords Norway

Vøringfossen waterfall which plunges into this gorge of the Eidfjord, Norway.

Reinebringen view - Lofoten - Norway

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"Clouds Highway" by Max ., via 500px.