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Lots of Leverage and Christian Kane goody video's on this channel on youtube by Susan Bruce.. check it out! https://www.youtube.com/user/kaniaclass/videos?flow%3Dgrid%26view%3D0

Christian Kane-The House Rules (Leverage) by Kristina Lithuania youtube

Christian Kane in Leverage

Christian Kane Leverage

...christian kane in leverage

Christian Kane 2012-2013 Music & Interviews (playlist) Christian Kane BTS 24 the game . Ladee Leverage Published on Oct 7, 2012 from circa 2006 off of youtube

Christian Kane Kaniacs Congratulations YOU did it.!!!!!!!!!!!!! made and posted to youtube by Ladee Leverage Published on Apr 15, 2013 Christian Kane Wins Hot Men Madness 2013 I promised a surprise and here it is, his fans are the best indeed. (comments made by Ladee Leverage but i totally agree)

Our quest to meet Christian Kane... That dude from Leverage. . zccfilms Uploaded on Feb 7, 2011 Our quest to meet Christian Kane... That dude from Leverage.

christian kane denver 1-8-2011 DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT off of youtube by missjamie1000


christian kane

Leverage: Eliot (Christian Kane)

Christian Kane from THANK YOU for winning PCA AWARDS video from LEVERAGE screen capped

Hey Santa, I've been good... (Christian Kane in Leverage Christmas episode)

Eliot Spencer---- Christian KANE made by ladee leverage

Leveraging a hit with Christian Kane!! CK ARTICLE CLICK PIC TO READ

The gorgeous Christian Kane, country singer and actor.

Elliot from Leverage

Leverage's Elliot Spencer (Christian Kane) wins every fight - he doesn't need a gun, appetizers will do just fine.

sail • eliot spencer . iLidia1794 COOL FAN MADE VIDEO of ELIOT SPENCER/CHRISTIAN KANE

Eliot made by ladee leverage