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5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle.  Now THAT's Inspiration!  And....this certainly explains that stat that says that 2/3's of Americans are overweight and half of those are obese....little muscle and lots of fat.

How Does the Body Burn Fat?

It is true when they say 5 lbs. is 5 lbs. be it fat or muscle but here is great visual reminder- 5 lbs. of fat next to 5 lbs. of muscle.

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Men Sports Body Shaping Vest Slimming Underwear Fitness Training Hot Shaper 1 Yoga Tip For a Tiny Belly.

When you lose fat expect great things. Here is a cool chart showing many of the health benefits associated with fat loss (in obesity). Fat is one of the basic components that make up the structure of your body. The other components include muscle, water, bone and your organs — the brain, liver, kidneys, spleen, […]

"Lose Fat" Poster - pinpoints where you hurt . and motivates you to stick to your diet: losing fat *does* improve overall health. Consult poster for specific benefits.

The amount of sugar in food expressed in sugar cubes. Is anyone else second guessing their food choices???

The Amount Of Sugar In Food, Expressed In Sugar Cubes

The Amount Of Sugar In Food, Expressed In Sugar Cubes. A thing to keep in mind is natural sugar is better than artificial sugar.

Body Scan of 250lb lady compared to 120lb lady -- and this is why I don't eat unhealthy.  It's all about that treble ladies!!!!

Body scan of 250 lb woman and 120 lb woman. Not that a women needs to weigh 120 lbs.but the damage obesity causes. Look at the size of the intestines and stomach; how the knee joints rub together; the enlarged heart; and the fat pockets near the brain.


yuck so gross but puts things in perspective doesn't it?

bye bye love handles

6 Simple Exercises to Flatten Your Abs

This is what 5 pounds of body fat looks like; remember this next time you say "I only lost 5 pounds"!

hcg weight loss, lose weight fast in a week, losing belly fat quickly - Last week we posted about what one pound of fat looks like. And this is supposed to be five pounds. Such a large amount so just losing five is a hella huge accomplishment!

fitness-and-fierceness:  Tammy White! Her transformation has motivated thousands! ……She recently competed at the NPC Nevada State. Be sure to follow this amazing woman’s page…… Lifting My Spirits on Fb    DANG What! A. Badass!!

fitness-and-fierceness: Tammy White ~Her transformation has motivated thousands……She recently competed at the NPC Nevada State.

Breakfast gives you energy for your day!  Allowing your body to burn those calories for the rest of the day.

My mom always said, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper." I also think mini meals are great too!