For my dream kitchen -- with lids :) Brilliant idea!

57 Practical Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas - great ideas here for large and smaller drawers

Smart kitchen storage.

Bags be gone! These dry storage drawers beautifully organize pantry goods such as bread, garlic and potatoes.

kids bathroom - I just had a "duh" moment! My kids freak when their toothbrushes touch! lol

27.) Use kitchen drawers as cutting boards you can hide.

Vegetable Drawers!

Traditional Kitchen Photos Kitchen Organize Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 10

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This website offers ideas to declutter your fridge so you can see the ingredients you have and use them. Also, it gives amazing tips on how to set up the food in your fridge in a way that encourages healthy eating and snacking habits.

Spice Drawer beneath the stove.

Love this contemporary kitchen and look at those drawers.

laundry room with folding counter, simple cabinets and TV to watch while folding and ironing - perfection!

"Bathroom tiles that double as secret drawers- Awesome.."

Dream pantry - even the baking sheets have their own space!

The Homestead Survival | How To Build An In The Wall Space Saving Dresser | DIY - Homesteading -

American Flag Ladder: Especially for You Home Decor by Trough Creek Candle Co.

Use a shower curtain rod to hang cleaning supplies for origination - genius!