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Take a spray bottle, fill it about 1/8th full with rubbing alcohol, add a drop of Dawn dishwashing soap, a few drops of scented oil (optional, but makes it smell so good), fill the rest of the way with water, shake together, and you're good to go! It makes your granite (or any countertop) shine and feel so smooth at a fraction of the price~I have loved it and use it on my appliances as well.

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Homemade Glass Cleaner

glass daughter made this at GS. Easy to make & it gets dirty glass clean :)

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How to: Stop Pet Accidents!

1 TBS Eucalyptus or Cinnamon essential oil 1 TBS Cayenne pepper 2 c Water Clean the area that has been soiled. Avoid using ammonia based products to clean dog urine. Dog urine has ammonia in it and he/she may be encouraged to go in the same area. Remember, your dog’s sense of smell is a hundred times better than yours.

This DIY window and glass cleaner cleans as well as Windex. It is also non-toxic and costs less than fifty cents a bottle to make.


How to Clean Oven Glass - it seriously is that easy

How to clean the glass on your oven door in minutes! Sooo easy!!

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How To Remove Mildew Smell From Towels

Let's face it, it's happened to the best of us. Wet swimsuits, winter clothes, or even something as simple as getting busy and forgetting to toss a load of wash into the dryer. The next thing you know, your clothes or towels have developed a nasty smelling odor that just lingers. Mildew, moldy smelling towels are the WORST, and eBay has a solution! Read on to find out how to get rid of the mildew smell in your laundry.

Magic Window Cleaner: No towel drying, no streaks, no spots! Fill an empty spray bottle with: 1 tablespoon liquid "Jet Dry" 3 tablespoons blue Dawn dish soap Fill to the top with water, shake. Spray your wet windows with the solution, scrub all over with a sponge, immediately wash off, that's it!

Homemade liquid laundry soap! An empty (around 1 gallon) container, 1 cup liquid Dr. Bronner's Soap, 1 cup baking soda, 30 drops essential oil (optional). fill it up with warm water the rest of the way. Shake. use 1/4 cup per load.

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DIY: Homemade Granite Cleaner Recipe {Picture Tutorial}

Homemade granite cleaner

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DIY Window & Glass Cleaner {Picture Tutorial}

DIY Window & Glass cleaner-just 4 ingredients to make your windows shine!

Fake it Frugal has come up with the formula for Scrub Free Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner.1 Tablespoon Jet-Dry (or similar Dishwasher Rinse Agent) 2 Tablespoons Dish Detergent 1/4 Cup Hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 Cup Rubbing Alcohol Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake! Check out her blog for lots more -- she's GREAT!

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Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner Recipe

Homemade eye glass cleaner: Fill a small spray bottle with: •1/2 isopropyl alcohol •1/2 water •1 drop of dish soap (optional) Gently shake. Spray on eyeglasses and wipe with a clean 100% cotton cloth.

:: I just tried this - I will NEVER buy Comet, Soft Scrub, etc again. Used in the tub - sprayed on, left for about 1/2 hr - wiped down like nothing there. it is sparkling!

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How to Get rid of Mold and Mildew Without Bleach

How to Get rid of Mold and Mildew Without Bleach - Passion for Savings. 1) Remove any surface mildew with a scraper or paper towel. 2) Scrub the surfaces with hot soapy water. Use a scrub brush or brillo pad to scrub it well. 3) Rinse the surface well. Mold and mildew can grow on soap so be sure to rinse it all off. 4) Use half water half rubbing alcohol and apply it to the area. Let it air dry.

Your windows can get a professional shine for just pennies. The alcohol in this formula helps prevent streaking. •1/3 cup white vinegar •1/4 cup rubbing alcohol •3 1/2 cups water •1 clean 32-ounce spray bottle 1. Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle. Shake well before using. 2. Spray on dirty windowpane or other glass surface.

Cleans Stainless Steel with out leaving streaks!! I learned this from an employee in the appliance section at Lowe's - Works Amazing!!