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  • Marlo Vivian

    Running motivation; so true!

  • Katherine Fore

    And even then, there would have to be absolutely no hiding places in which to wait until you left & he chased after you.

  • Morgan Sullivan

    True Story. LOL this cracked me up!!! I hate running, so getting me motivated to do it is kinda difficult... but doesn't it feel so good after? Yes, I mean after your lungs quit burning and your knees and ankles and back and basically everything else stops screaming haha.

  • Pamela Heinle-Huber

    I hate running but a clown chasing me just might make me do it!

  • Mandy Black

    I hate clowns even more that I hate running!

  • Kayla Woods

    OMGoodness so true! I hate clowns!

  • Alyssa Surface

    bahahaha so funny!!

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