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Lily Aldridge hair Dark brown hair with caramel ombré highlights She is my fashion & beauty idol; my natural hair is the same dark brown and I've been hoping to do ombré highlights to brighten my hair and face up and this is just what I wanted


Jessica Alba always has beautiful hair! THE CLAVICUT – A mid-length bob, cut just below the shoulders. A perfect length, easy to wear up or down

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There is no better party hairstyle than the classic Veronica wave. Use a curling iron to create thick ringlets, then brush the curls out with a comb for soft waves.

The Fetching Fox

Beach Hair :: Natural Waves :: Long + Blonde :: Summer Highlights :: Messy Manes :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed DIY Easy Hairstyle Inspiration

60ies style

Who hasn`t heard of Veronica Lake? Veronica was an American film actress and pin-up model, style icon because of her seductive figure and luscious locks.

The 8 biggest hair trends to watch in 2017: Kendall Jenner's flat waves

The 10 Biggest Hair Trends Of 2017 (So Far)

SHOULDER LENGTH, STRAIGHT CHOP SPRING HAIRSTYLE If you have thick and shiny, naturally beautiful hair that does not need much a-do like Kendall Jenner’s, your best hairstyle is her hairstyle. Show off your beautiful tresses —no need to filter.

Alternative bun, loose and in the nape of the neck

One hairstyle that never goes out of vogue is the Bun – it is classic and timeless. Have a look at some lovely bun hairstyles for long hair here which adds more beauty