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“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars … the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance.” RUMI


My Dance Partner Is A Circle.

how to tape a swirly hoop

Spinning Love Story.: Beginner Hooping: a self teaching tutorial list. "The issue lies, as a beginner, in knowing where to start, what to learn and in what order. I have compiled a list of tutorials for you to follow as you start out on your journey. I have primarily included moves I consider to be the building blocks of hooping - the basics which will set you up for all other moves to come."

Sitara Bird of Free Spirit Hoops


Hoop Dance Tutorial: Shoulder Hooping Techniques with Anah Reichenbach - YouTube

hoop it out

Freedom in my Hoop

This Image, ..............................................it Inspires a new________. fill in the blank (Match Game I.M.) (Christina Brittain Hoop Dancing)


Unwind by twirling and spinning ...love this!

Circles are healing things.

Hula hooping sketch.

Backbend Spin | Hooping.org

I'd Rather Be Hoop Dancing <3

Dancing with Dopamine and Spinning to Serotonin (How Hooping Gets You High!) - by Lara Eastburn

Hooping perks

Hoop Tips & Tricks: Elbow Drop In