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Heirloom Tomatoes at a Parisian Market

Lettuce Butterhead Marvel of Four Seasons Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

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Green Stripe Cushaw Pumpkin Seed - Heirloom Seeds: Sustainable Seed Company

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Tip for growing squash, Place the seeds AROUND the pot. When you water, you water inthe pot so the water comes out of the drain holes around the bottom for deep root watering

A Guide to Seed Saving (pdf) find working link here: http://www.seedambassadors.org/docs/seedzine4handout.pdf

heat tolerant head lettuce that can be grown in summertime heat... Summertime Lettuce Seed - Sustainable Seed Co.

Soaking ~ Sprouting Chart - Sprouting seeds do not take up much space in storage for the amount of nutrition you're getting.

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Ledmon watermelon story and seed

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Interactive tools: Calculators and Resources to Help You Plan Your Growing Season | Johnny's Selected Seeds

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