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  • Carly Andreassend

    Swan Lake? Where can I find this?!

  • Kim Piotrowski

    I want to go on a swan boat trip

  • Rachel Nelson

    Write a story about what birds flying past, ducks on the water, and fish underwater all think of this thing

  • Charlotte Herbert

    can you imagine seeing that thing from far away for the first time?

  • Yvonne Lieblein

    04-08-13 | I wasn't surprised by the swan boat/ I mean, you were the one who used to yammer on about playing princess when all I wanted to do was read/ but George/ he couldn't stop saying things like/ I'll be damned/ and your family is something else/ like we all aspire to floating around on oversized birds./ He doesn't understand that unconditional love/ makes way for scratchy cocoa taffeta gowns/ crowned cygnets and watered down bourbon./ He doesn't understand. -YML

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vintage disneyland poster - Google Search This is definatley before my time... but cool!

The Swan Boat pintwist on a different type of unique transportation.

Boston Public Gardens; Swan Boats I haven't been in years, but this is a place near and dear to my heart. I was there when my youngest was only 5 or 6? and we had a perfect afternoon. Only 50 cents for a spin on the lake but a treasure of memories followed!

"Lemme see your license and registration sir..."

Swan Lake whimsical photo, so fun for a baby or child's room ~ Diem Design Photography on Etsy

I'm going to start a "Places to nap before I die" list. This afternoon nap in a canoe sounds pretty spectacular.

A pair of derelict boats, Loch Ard, Trossachs, by Karl Williams

The amazing technicolour dream boat. Brightly coloured fishing boats, known as Luzzus, at Marsaxlokk, Malta. Traditionally the boats are painted in a fabulous array of colours, and often have eyes painted on the prow for luck, a tradition which may date back to ancient times.

I want to see this from my window when I wake up