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Owl And Pussy Cat - The Odd Couple Return : My cat "Peanut" looks very much like this cat but he wouldn't be as kind to the owl as this one is !

Majestic red deer at Bayerischer Wald in Bavaria, Germany • photo: stevennl2003 on Flickr

{Frank & Bean} Frank's the dog, Bean's the cat, they're BFFs So much of why I love animals... have my training retreat dog curled up right next to me now. Makes for peaceful happy moments.

Kitten Needs My Glasses ( Video )

Cats standing to watch birds - I find this slightly disturbing. They're like little cat people.

Oh, this is so cool! The white cat, has a black cat, on it's back!

How Smart Are Dogs... Wow Chaser is smarter than some people I know :)

Fiona's Amazing Story! - what a sweet and sorta sad story!

Do Not Disturb - The Cat ( Video )

A big muzzle nuzzle at the Budakeszi-Vadaspark game park in Budapest • photo: AP on FreePublic