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A healthy me is a happy me! It doesn't hurt that some of these are my faves anyway.

Foods to Avoid If You Have Hypothyroidism

Foods To Avoid If You Have Hypothyroidism (Infographic) ... Not sure if all of this applies to people without a thyroid taking synthroid but I do know the soy part does! The soy blocks the body's ability to absorb the thyroid medication (aka very bad)

The average supermarket is full of genetically modified foods. Here’s how you can avoid those products.

Real Food Tips: 7 Reasons I Hate Artificial Food Dyes (hint: they are made from petroleum and require a warning label in the U.K.)

Undressed Skeleton — Grocery Guide! I shopped for groceries and bought things only from this list. For the next week I had no choice but to eat healthy!

Most of us unknowingly eat a plethora of harmful artificial food additives on a daily basis. From asthma to cancers, food additives may be wreaking havoc on your health. Find out how to read labels and find out what to look out for.

HEALTHY FOOD - 15 Foods that you should include in your Everyday Diet!...

7 Tips to Avoid Processed Foods - I've been shopping the outer edge more often and find I also spend less. Less crap, more money in my pocket. Win, win.