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  • Ryan West

    I love saying this! "Hey, Mister Grumpy Gills."

  • Felicia Pion

    Hey dare Mister grumpy gills! Finding Nemo

  • Vanessa Westen

    You know what'cha gotta do when life gets you down? You know what you gotta do? JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

  • Kaitlyn Morris

    What my guy friend and I say to each other when we are having a bad day haha

  • Emily Robinson

    My favorite quote from this movie that no one ever remembers!!

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Facts About Finding Nemo…

I have seen this several times but I just realized what the contact name is.....

Disney Finding nemo lion king little mermaid Hercules aristocrats toy story princess sleeping beauty snow white

You wanna piece of me? Ooh I'm scared now- AWHAAHAT Stop following me, ok? I think I can copy this whole movie. No that's not a joke. Just keep swimming swimming swimming swimming....

Finding Nemo ♥ Oh my heck this reminds me of the night with Conner, Tad, Alanna, and Leisha :) Conner, I really do need to get this on video.. You are so good at being Dory :) Haha :)

Ahhh! You've got to swim! - Dory. Marlin: Ahh! Dory stop! Stop! (dark abyss) Dory: Hey, am I dead? Marlin: No, Dory, you're not dead. Dory: Are you my concious? haha. :) Kara Morehouse Cushman

Pretty sure me and my mom quote this cute clip from "Finding Nemo" at least a billion times every year♥

Ah, one of my all time favorites.

sayings from disney movies - Bing Images

Thanks to Reese Wagoner and her finding nemo obsession when she was a baby, I know all of these quotes and so many more! I bet you do too @heather wagoner