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Free knitting pattern for Sock Giraffe toy by Bobbi Padgett, pictured project by jillybean22679

Free knitting pattern for Eyelet Cardigan , wrap cardigan with shorter three quarter sleeves by Juan R. Alcantar & Lois Horychata Small, Medium and Large

Looking for new knitting patterns to add some texture to your next scarf or sweater? Try the raspberry stitch, also known as the trinity stitch!

Knitting patterns for Wash and Dish Cloths, most patterns are free. Wash cloths and dish cloths make great quick handmade gifts for housewarmings, showers, hostess gifts, and other occasions. They are also great ways to try out a new technique. Many of these patterns have stitch motifs that you can adapt to other projects such as afghan squares, baby sweaters, and more.

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Anxious to pick up your needles, but tired of making your usual hats, shawls & sweaters? Try one of these creative, unusual knitting patterns for a breath of fresh air.

Over sized Wine Red Cable Knit Sweater. i can't even describe how much I want this!!!

knittingpatterns.is A website that allows you to design an Icelandic yoke sweater to your specifications. I'll try it as soon as I knit a gauge swatch.

Knit this bear-y cute cardigan by The Velvet Acorn for your little one! Bladyn Bear Sweater pattern by Heidi May, made with Lion Brand Hometown USA and sizes 13 & 15 knitting needles. Find the pattern on Ravelry.

A fashion-forward sweater dress


Trying to decide if I 'm crafty enough to do these pillows! Love them but not sure about my skills

I wonder if Ashley would like a sweater like this? Or would I get my face scratched off trying to get her into it? :)

A KNITTING Barbie, and I don't own it?? What the what?!? I do own the original "bowl 'ol knitting" that this reproduction is holding, though. I am also currently trying to ignore the very scary look on Skipper's face. She hates Barbie's knitting of matching outfits THAT MUCH that soon her head will spin 360 degrees and she will vomit out split pea soup.

Knit a Vintage Style Wonder Woman Sweater [DIY]

This is a knit pattern but i couldn't resist pinning it. Maybe i will try again to get going with knitting!

Interesting way to use colours in knits, also interesting lace.

and the outside has a cute lice pattern. The thrums can be worked in various patterns or try playing with coloured stripes.

White Sweater Knit, Maroon Skirt, Black Stockings, Pink Side Handbag, and a Silver Pendant Necklace - http://ninjacosmico.com/22-beautiful-boho-chic-outfits-try/