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Just a little bit of Trek humour for you. Trekkers will be saying "Oh Yes!", whilst everybody else will be saying "Really? I never knew that!" #StarTrek #Facts #Humour

I'm pretty sure this is the most accurate re-cast in history. AWESOME!!!!

Captain Kirk. chris pine. So much perfect in one character

think i wouldn't catch it, eh?!

Rock on Star Trek nerds

Malcolm Reynolds totally wins. Oh dear me I totally agree! Although Samantha Carter could be considered as 'captain' of The George Hammond and she'd totally win

Captain Kirk, your reputation precedes you......But enough of that nonsense. Let's get serious here: WHERE IS SPOCK!!??

Star Trek "Captain Kirk". And I remember this one too. From when I was young.

I feel like I should post this in lab to remind myself it is okay to take a little time to have fun.