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blanket-edge stitch how to

#DIY pom-pom sweater

DIY linen cowl with pom pom trim

Tutorial on how to crochet an edging on flannel blankets..

weighted heart on the corners of tablecloth. great idea.

DIY Bed Pillow Cases: 3 sizes and 3 different styles (including the "burrito" method) | via Make It and Love It

Flannel Receiving Blankets - the purl bee

tutu making

Striped Cotton Pom Pom Blanket by Bohemia Design. Working in ethical partnership with traditional Moroccan weavers, Bohemia Design has created a colorful collection of Berber Pom Pom blankets in 100% natural wool and cotton. The blankets are woven entirely by hand on wooden looms and decorated with giant poms poms in classic Berber style. The wools are dyed by the traditional dyers of the Marrakech souks. Handwoven in Morocco.

I know you know how to make fleece blankets...but I thought the embroidered initial was a cute touch.

thrift store sweater blanket!

Baby Rag Quilt

Fleece Slippers.... oh man ... i prob shouldn't have found these! haha CRAFTING

How to make a fringed fleece blanket!

Baby blanket easy enough a beginner could sew it

cute baby blanket

DIY Knit Receiving Blanket for Baby Boys --- : a quick and easy receiving blanket that is lightweight.

I have two solid reasons why you need to make one of these skirts ASAP. 1. How many baby blankets and pillow cases can a beginning sewer make before its really time to branch out? 2. Wearing someth...

edging ideas, super pretty.