Philly Con Exc,

Zenescope GFT #78 exc., A. Spay by on @DeviantArt

Illustrations & Street Art by Smithe

artifacts 28 cover by *nebezial on deviantART

Amazing art work...

The Mystery of Flight by ~MattDixon on deviantART

I wish every comics artist was required to (at least) read this. They're not melons, boys.

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#Catwoman #Fan #Art. (Meow) By: Drake Tsui.

Star Wars As Medieval Art of the Day


Small world - Imgur

Andy Bergholtz

jeremy miranda - paintings of icebergs

I've run out of patience! by ~kit-kit-kit on deviantART

Brunette Pinup with Ice Cream, Apron and Red Shoes Blowing a Kiss | Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Pinups | Gerad Taylor pin-up art