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    John Krasinski. Can't help it. So cute.

    When he giggles to himself and it’s so cute, even he can’t handle it. | 34 Times John Krasinski Was The Most Perfect Man Alive

    john krasinski. I am in love with Jim from the office ;) great character!

    John Krasinski


    John Krasinski: Man Candy | Slow Like Honey ... He's so handsome!


    seriously, screw Miley

    and this will be my husband

    I have a HUGE crush on this guy but it's ok because my hubby does too. ;)

    john from the office - so cute and funny

    it is always the ones who make you laugh that get ya!

    Joe Manganiello

    Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean

    Jason Aldean - i'll take a ride on your big green tractor anydayy

    I can never get enough of him...Bradley Cooper

    Chris Pine. Hummina hummina hummina

    matthew gray gubler - dr. spencer reid on "criminal minds" - whata cutie. Here's what he says about his perfect woman -- " [she] must love decorating for holidays, mischief, kissing in cars, and wind chimes. no specific height, weight, hair color, or political affiliation required but would prefer a warm spirited non racist. cynics, critics, pessimists, and “stick in the muds” need not apply. voluptuous figures a plus. any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to mary poppins, claire huxtable, snow white, or elvira wholeheartedly welcomed. i am dubious of actresses, fellons and lesbians but dont want to rule them out entirely. must be tolerant of whistling, tickle torture, james taylor, and sleeping late. i have a slight limp, eerily soft hands, and a preternatural love of autumn. i once misinterpreted being called a coal-eyed dandy as a compliment when it was intended as an insult. i wiggle my feet in my sleep, am scared of the dark, and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time. all i want is butterfly kisses in the morning, peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart, and to make you smile until it hurts." so sweet.