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    An Amazing Video on Education ...

    Youtube video clips about the power of working together. {features crabs, ants, and penguins}

    THE PERFECT SUMMARY: Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards

    Flipping Bloom’s Taxonomy | Powerful Learning Practice

    Born to Learn - Narrated by Damian Lewis

    One of our most innovative, popular thinkers takes on-in exhilarating style-one of our key questions: Where do good ideas come from?

    Just how small are atoms? And what's inside them? The answers turn out to be astounding, even for those who think they know. This fast-paced animation uses spectacular metaphors (imagine a blueberry the size of a football stadium!) to give a visceral sense of the building blocks that make our world.

    10 Excellent, Free Online Education Resources, this is great...and includes computer programming, graduate level writing, and much more!

    Why we have rules. Short video to intro rules lesson

    Create a Green Screen Video in Your Classroom. Create amazing student-driven, directed and edited videos placing them anywhere in the world using a super-simple green screen app. See how putting your students in the director’s chair facilitates authentic learning and assessment opportunities and results in Oscar-worthy productions, with little to NO prep!

    Was there one original language and how do languages change and evolve?

    30 "Just Dance" videos to get your class moving. All in one place and ready to use!

    "Don't Laugh at Me" - a beautiful, teachable moment about bullying and accepting the differences of others.

    Snowflake Watching - Discovery TV video showing intricacies of snowflakes, no two alike.

    TEDx: Simon Sinek talks about how leaders inspire action and change

    Tattling... so need to watch at the beginning of the year!

    The Fifty Nifty United States Video: Once they learn the words, your students will forever more know all 50 states in alphabetical order! There are several versions on Youtube, but I like that this one highlights the location of each state as its name is said.

    Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley

    8 hour day, never happens.... I wouldn't change it for anything! Love my students :)

    Excellent Video On Having A “Growth Mindset”

    "Everything is Rhythm" Excellent video from Guinea, Africa showing instruments, dancing, and how djembes are made!