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alexis bledel (yet she'll always be rory gilmore to me)

Miss my girls! Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls. Love these two! Such a good show.

I really think she is just beautiful.

One of these days, I'm going to actually wear my pinkish blazer. I like how it looks with the simple white tank and jeans.

He is hotness personified. He is the most handsome man alive. If you don't know who this is, you should. This is Mr. Jared Padalecki aka Dean on Gilmore Girls aka Sam on Supernatural. Watch his shows, he is very interesting to watch; great actor.

Gilmore Girls STYLE PROFILE Two different generations, one on-trend shared closet.

I never watched this show, but as mothers day is coming up, seeing this made me realize that this was true for me too. my mother is the person i looked up to growing up, and the person i most wanted to be like. and im not sure she ever knew that. I still look up to her to this day :) everyday i say or do something that makes me think " Jeez, that sounded just like my mother..." and i have to smile :)

While watching this show don't you sometime laugh so hard for so long that you can't breathe and think won't ever stop laughing? This was almost one of those moments but not quite. Michelle saying "yoo hoo, he-haw-man" at cinnamons funeral was one of those moments.