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Pre-Columbian vessel, Lambayeque horizon of the north coast of Peru. Dating c.800-1300AD

Pre-Columbian: Terracotta Vessel

Egyptian, predynastic, female figurine

Pre-Columbian Textile

Pre-Columbian gold

"The Goddess of Lepenski 4500 to 6000 years old

Pre-columbian Lambayeque Pottery Blackware Vessel Image

Pre-Columbian, Sican - Chimu Culture, North Coast Peru, ca 800-1000 CE. Crafted from high karat sheet gold, drinking vessel features face of the god Naylamp wearing Gold Ear Rings with turquoise beads, hair on reverse beautifully done in repousse. 70.3 gram weight. 8"H.

Ceramic vessel of a tattooed priest Moche 100-800 CE Ancash Region Peru

Pre-Columbian gold

Huari Glove, 650-800 AD Peru, Pre-Columbian.

Ancient Chimu Pre-Columbian Vessel, 900 – 1400 AD

pottery Lambayeque, Peru

pottery Lambayeque, Peru


Ceramic portrait vessel Moche 100-800 CE La Libertad Region Peru by mharrsch, via Flickr

Pre-Columbian zoomorphic pottery vase

Pre-Columbian pottery. A choice Lambayeque avian vessel from Peru, ca. 700 - 1300 AD.


Pre-Columbian Colima Pottery Flat

Pre-Columbian artifact