Stained Glass #Batman Print $15 (via

I think this is my new favorite Batman image


Batman Logo Evolution

Stained Glass Batman Print - Rose Window. $8.00, via Etsy.

Batman & Superman

Rogue's Gallery •Philip Cho

Awesome Batman Illustration Artwork | Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1366



Trabajo de ilustración por el 74 aniversario de Batman...Batman 75th Anniversary artwork

Justice League Batman!

Even Superman Wants To Be Batman



Batman Beyond :)


Batman - OKAY, I really like this. This is BATMAN as a Knight. Now if the armor was brought up to a current timeline and was future tech - that would be something.

Batman Beyond by Alex Ross inserted into a Spider-Man 2099 shot from the "Shattered Dimensions" game. 'Shopped mashup by Lee Homer (*stick-man-11 on deviantart).

Love the idea, could adapt to anything (but I won't XP)