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The story of the world lapbook blogg. Incredible! Check it out for history and ideas

Human Body Lapbook: tons of ideas and fold-out pages, addressing just about every aspect of the human body you could think to cover with your kindy/grade school student.

The Cay - Shark Lapbook Use this for a class novel. Add reciprocal teaching elements.

What a wonderful job! This is a great example of what you can do with the Human Body Lapbook from In the hands of a Child!

This link shows how to make a life-sized human body map. Students trace their own body then make and place their bones and organs within the tracing where they would be inside their actual body. Label, color code, and use texture. This is a great way to teach and asses students' understanding of the human body.

Anna's K teacher at a homeschool co-op did this with her class and she loved it! Doing it with my boys soon. :-)

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Lapbook Element Examples: Cool shapes and elements to help record your learning explorations!

Today we present a diverse range of body books that will assist your child to explore the human body further, and perhaps answer some of their pending questions.