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Harvest time Photo series by Franz Schumacher Summer storm at harvest time in Strohgaeu Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Rain falling from a summer thunderstorm is backlit by lightning, stars are visible in the night sky above the storm, and the canyon is lit by a nearly full moon. Photographed at Grand Canyon National Park in the summer of 2012.

The wonders, the sweet faces, the dear souls of all in this hellish-heavenly world make me feel humble and grateful to live here. Thank you Natgeo.

National Geographicfrom National Geographic

Arizona Photo – Lightning Wallpaper – National Geographic Photo of the Day


Yea!!! We had a fantastic lightening storm last nite, Aug 9th. Booms, low rumbles, actual lightening bolts (not the typical sheet lightening)... Haven't had a good one in SW Puget Sound for years.

Lightning flashes around the ash plume above the Puyehue volcano chain near Osorno in southern Chile