Cool Hanging Chair made of Volcanic Rock by Maffam Freeform I would read the shit out of my books in this chair!

Put this baby in my gigantic backyard and I can sit there and read on warm summer days.

Rocking Chair for Two. Wow, this looks amazing!

Shell Chair by Designer Marco Sousa Santos

Love these hanging chairs for Concept Suspendu by William Lelasseux.

hanging chair

Wall hanging

hanging chair reading nook!

Knotted Melati Hanging Chair #anthrofave

VGUBP00391 Outdoor Hanging Chair The web-like design on the pod shaped Kauai Hanging Lounge Chair is made of black weatherproof rattan. Outdoor Hanging Chair Sale for $536

Hanging chair

Hanging Hammock Chair - Sea Point. Looks easy to make. Id like mine in Sunset colours .🌅

Knotted Melati Hanging Chair

crazy-comfortable ceechair, made in Wisconsin, comes in a range of colors and patterns. I would LOVE this in our backyard!!!

Paint an old ladder for the laundry room - perfect for hanging to dry. When we buy our first home I'm SO doing this!!!

Many great ideas! In the same order: Windowsill to relax in. Balcony that would work well in China. Beautiful outside bath. Best breakfast in bed ever. Old but good hairbrush. Pillows rearrange the whole room. Beautiful shower. Standing on people. Hanging in Trees. Not sure I could slip on a net like that. Really need that for my strawberries. Soap grader. USB pacifier.

indoor pool

Matreshka Light Chair

cool chair.

‘Pre Prop’ Dining Chairs by Arne Jacobsen for Asko