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The Chatsworth Head, Ancient Greece, 470 BC-460 BC. “The statue was found complete by peasants in 1836 in the bed of the Pediaeos river in central Cyprus. Later excavation revealed the site to be an important sanctuary dedicated to Apollo.
The staue was broken up and sold for scrap bronze for a very low price, with the exception of the head which came into the possession of an English collector who later sold it to the Duke of Devonshire."

Fantasy | Whimsical | Strange | Mythical | Creative | Creatures | Dolls | Sculptures | ☥ | “#CreepyFriends” collaboration between @dominicqwek & @cabbitq

The Allegheny River is flowing fierce this morning! That's the effect of warm weather and a day of rain. #winter #rivers #lovepgh

Ornament in the Shape of a Fantastic Winged Feline China Eastern Zhou dynasty, 770-256 BC 4th-3rd century BC Bronze