4, count em...4!!!

I still cannot believe I saw this scene this evening. An amazing combination of a rainbow, the sunset and rain.

Rainbow in Rhode Island

Skogafoss, Iceland

all the beauty things...

~~Rainbow illuminates the sky ~ sub-tropical storm rolls in at the beach, Australia by John Shephard~~

Double Rainbow, The Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Reflection causes circular rainbow

Moon setting on the lake in Garden Hill, Manitoba

tornado sucks up rainbow

Not photoshopped! taken by Eric Nguyen in Kansas. perfectly spectacular photo!!! !!!INCREDIBLE!!!

The Ice Crystal Rainbow

✯ Somewhere over the rainbow ....

✮ Tornado with Rainbow in Mulvane Kansas



I looked for an image of a double rainbow because we had one today. I didn't find a photo of the one that we had, but this one was so pretty that I had to Pin it! A double rainbow appears because the sunlight is refracted or bent twice within the rain drops. The second rainbow, (Secondary Rainbow) is always fainter and the colors are reversed.



Rainbow River