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Aww, I want a country boy!

I love Miranda Lambert. She was a small town girl with a love of country music. She entered a contest, and didn't even win. She went on to be the best thing that happened to country music in twenty years. She's not afraid of what others think of her. She gains weight, she loses weight. She just doesn't care.

If you like southern girls raise your glass, If you don't raise your standards. TFM The truth BABY!!!!

I am not a fan of the "keep calm" craze, but dang, this is so true and I'm still in shock.

This is so true! Many ppl say "well we deserve to be loved"! NO!!! We are sinners! We deserve nothing! We were children of wrath and hated Christ! BUT because he first loved us we are now acceptable in his sight!

She was pretty and smart. She knew how to look at her best to get the most of her attributes. But she lost the battle way too soon. All we need is a great man to our side. We just got to accept it. ('Cause we know anyways that women are the best!)

I get so tired of hearing that Florida isn't really "The South". Those of us born and raised down here are just as Southern as those north of us in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, etc... We have the accent, the attitude, we live that slow and steady lifestyle and those few young women who were raised right, still hold that "Southern Charm".

Bonnie Rocklin@Jessica Gillings. Until you realize they're laughing because they colored all over your wall.

She's whiskey in a teacup. It's like that 'a little bit country - a little bit rock n roll' An angel with horns poking through.. 4-wheeling and hunting by day and a debutante by night... She adds pizazz to life. Full throttle

Sooooooo doing that... Like right now... He jut at the moment is chasing me back ;)