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  • Josephine Maru

    This quote>>> Like my baby. Can't wait to see my man in some combat boots!

  • Katie Mazie

    Remember those who fought for our country, home of the brave!!! Proud Army Wife <3

  • Andrea

    The sexiest heroes wear combat boots instead of capes. So true ❤

  • Tiffany Thompson

    combat boots, I <3 my Marine

  • karen egglestone

    Remove the Sexiest Heroes comment and it will mean much more to an American Soldier. I would love to have just the combat boots and the flag print hung on my wall in my office.

  • Jesus Follower

    Amen - military life, every generation of men in my family since civil war in the Army. O:-)

  • Alice Lancaster

    Super cute quote for a army girlfriend :)

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