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Wilting Yellow Flowers - Light yellow flowers bending over as if wilting, with a dark pink center and dark green leaves.

Single Simple Purple Flower - A single, dark purple flower with a bright yellow center lays among a large collection of dark, lush green leaves.

intricate yellow flower - A lovely ornate yellow flower with small flowers surrounding the outside with feather-like centers, protecting the yellow and green petals in the center of the entire flower.

Dark Pink Five Petal Flower - Dark pink flower with five small petals and neon yellow centers blooming with dark pink buds.

Red and Yellow Flowers - A few yellow and red flowers.

Bright Pink Flowers - Bright pink flowers with dark orange-pink centers, and petals that resemble leaves.

Yellow Flower - A yellow flower in Palm Beach, Florida.

Five Petal Flower - Bright pink, pretty flowers with a neon yellow center all growing from the tip of a light green stem with dark green leaves at the bottom.

Speckled Dark Purple Flowers - A collection of small, deep purple flowers with light centers growing off of a green plant.

Red Flower Collection - A collection of small red flowers with four petals and yellow centers growing in a large amount.