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Literacy: Name station. Write each child's name and tape a picture to the card. Have letter tiles for the children to practice spelling their friends names as well as their own.

Questions to cut up and put into a hat for students to pick out a question and answer it! It's a great way to get to know your students. This website also gives great "first day" activities. (open)

Transportation Display - this will be easier than using a printed form on the wall because as students come and go, Just change out the clothes pins!

I love this idea for my door at the beginning of the year. Or even better, displayed when students first walk in our school.

Chit chat chart- pull a square of the chart when a child is talking while the teacher is talking. If all 3 are pulled before recess. I have been having a really chatty class lately. I think this could work in my room.

Build Community and practice important Kinder skills like letter recognition and drawing by introducing a SUPER STUDENT every day! Pick up this fun FREEBIE!!

Glue prep with fine-motor practice ~ Have each child practice squeezing a dot of glue (not a glob of glue) in each circle. To extend, have him put star cutouts on each glue dot to create a nighttime scene.