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omg, if i left this in the front yard for the kids to find on their way home from school!!! they would be so stoked!!!

This mom who still knows how to have fun. | 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

47 ways to be a fun mom!!!! If you are caring & experienced in raising children or looking after family, contact

Oh, where do i start... i wish i was able to do this. To be as creative and have the energy and time to bring this into my kids childhood. What cool parents...

Parenting Lessons from Louie CK. "Fair" is not real. Look out for others. "Bored" is just another word for "lazy."

Parenting. You're doing it right.

Even when they’re mean to you it’s all for the best. | 20 Reasons Your Parents Are The Absolute Greatest

Good Parenting! Haha! My husband always made the boys hold hands. If he was feeling particularly evil he'd make them kiss and hug. They HATED that. It worked - they always ended up laughing...and getting along. At least for a little while.

Parenting tip. Too many parents just throw electronics, game consoles, internet and tv at their kids to keep them busy and out of their hair. Sad. I know some who if not for electronics they would spend that time scolding and yelling at them. So much for any type of quality time...make chores fun...turn up the music and dance laugh when doing chores and make the necessary changes.

a standing ovation for this mom. Parenting at it's finest.