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Have your students bring a popular fairy tale to life while at the same time, learning the proper format of a newspaper article. This assignment includes EVERYTHING you would need to get your students started including a brainstorm sheet, practice paper, template and rubric!

ELEMENTS OF POETRY GRAPHIC ORGANIZER For upper elementary and Middle School/ Junior High Students......One of my first TPT products. I gave it a slight facelift and added a page.

First, we brainstormed a time that we have been sick. My students made a little bubble map in their journals to start their process. I love how this cutie made her bubble map into a sick person. The next day, we put all of our ideas together on the chart shown above!

FREE - 12 posters to display in your classroom. These are great for helping students understand that history is more important than memorizing dates.

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Social Media EDITABLE Exit Tickets

Exit tickets are fantastic at getting your students to reflect on their learning in your lessons. Students love these social media exit tickets as it allows them to reflect by using a medium they are very familiar with! There are 3 different types of tickets included: Twitter, Facebook and texting with sparkly goodness!

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Genre Game Set- Three Game Versions Great for Centers

Genre Game Set This genre game set includes two different sets of game cards, student directions for three variations of games, and an answer key. Great for literacy centers, extra practice, or a fun family at-home activity.

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The Perfect Writing Rubric: Six Traits

Writing Rubric - Six Traits!

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Writing Rubric - Student and Teacher Friendly

Writing Rubric - Student and Teacher Friendly!

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NonFiction Find It and Check It

NonFiction Detective Cards can be used with any NonFiction text. Kids complete the pre-reading, as I read, and post reading cards. What better way to help your kids become very familiar with nonfiction? :) priced item

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Journal Check Rubric

Journals are a great way to get students to write, but they are a pain to grade! And there's the catch--if you don't grade them, they stop putting forth any effort. That's where this journal check rubric helps. It's a quick way for teachers to fly through checking journals, while providing more feedback than just a check. This is especially useful for high school and middle school teachers who can easily have over 100 journals to grade at any given time.

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Common Core Evidence-Based Writing

I teach my students to explain the evidence for the answers as we work on reading test prep. These resources and lesson plan will help your students defend their thoughts (answers) more carefully using evidence.

This FREE resource answers the following questions: What do I include in an introductory paragraph? What do I include in a body paragraph? What do I include in a conclusion paragraph? You may also choose to print out the blank copy for students and have them write down the information (as provided). All you need to do is download it, print it, and give it to your students!

Middle School students are still learning HOW to write well and they need strategies! These strategies, designed specifically for adolescents, can be used in ELA as well as all content areas to foster common language and help students transfer their writing skills to all classes and subjects. Includes 22 anchor charts, 3 student bookmarks, and 4 student checklists. Learning Objectives, Teaching Tips, and Common Core State Standards are all included. $10.60

This is a good way to let parents know what apps are being used in the classroom. By providing parents with this "cheat sheet" for the apps that are being used in the classroom, they could also download the apps and have the students use their favorite at home.