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Have your students bring a popular fairy tale to life while at the same time, learning the proper format of a newspaper article. This assignment includes EVERYTHING you would need to get your students started including a brainstorm sheet, practice paper, template and rubric!

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Ways to Say 'Went' Display Poster

Printable Ways to Say 'Went' Display Poster.

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Other Ways to Say Chart

Other ways to say... - This will help you write your narratives. Don't be afraid to learn some new vocabulary!

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Create a Goal Board! {SMART Goals}

Have your students create a SMART goal board using this product and manila folders! $

First, we brainstormed a time that we have been sick. My students made a little bubble map in their journals to start their process. I love how this cutie made her bubble map into a sick person. The next day, we put all of our ideas together on the chart shown above!

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Easy Teach Poetry Unit

Finally, an EASY TEACH unit that will have your kiddos writing 6 common forms of poetry in no time. This unit has everything you need to get started teaching! Included is: -6 pages of teacher directions/suggestions for use (includes a list of recommended books and websites that I use when I teach this unit to my students. Also includes suggestions for grading.) -6 posters of the studied forms -6 student practice pages (1 per form) -20+ page student anthology project booklet ($)

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Writing Rubric - Student and Teacher Friendly


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Journal Check Rubric

Journals are a great way to get students to write, but they are a pain to grade! And there's the catch--if you don't grade them, they stop putting forth any effort. That's where this journal check rubric helps. It's a quick way for teachers to fly through checking journals, while providing more feedback than just a check. This is especially useful for high school and middle school teachers who can easily have over 100 journals to grade at any given time.