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ow.ly/albdk Eat vegetarian once a week! Quite a simple pledge

ly/albdk Eat vegetarian once a week! Quite a simple pledge

don't be mad because I know all your lies...and a social climber like you as well...hahaha right?

The only people mad at you for speaking the truth is those living a lie. Keep speaking it.

bwisegardening: If You Build It, They Will Come

bwisegardening: Around The Garden World In 365 Days - Day 24 (Westhaven)

Disloyalty Quotes | We should think of hardships as trials. We are not given these trials ...

When people hurt you over and over. Think of them as sandpaper. They scratch and hurt you but in the end you are polished and they are all used up. So True.

The advantage of speaking the truth...

Speaking the Truth:: The Greatest Advantage of Speaking the Truth is that you Don't have to Remember what you said♦♦ Speaking the Truth! I Approve my Quote because, I Do Remember what I Said by Speaking the Truth. By Gerard the Gman in NJ.

Holly hocks!

Holly hocks!


Housie Inspiration: Classic & Casual Split Rail Fences

Always bear in #mind that your own resolution to #succeed is more important than any other. http://www.quoteistan.com/2015/12/always-bear-in-mind-that-your-own.html

41 Positive Quotes and Affirmations for a Good 2018 -

Inspirational Life Quotes - these are great inspirational quotes about life for the mind and soul - thoughtful inspirational life quotes.

11 fall garden chores | Living the Country Life

11 fall garden chores - Put your tools to bed Give your garden tools a good cleaning and store them in a shed for the winter. Removing any dirt and chemicals will help prevent rust and corrosion.

I have not seen this quote before but I can definitely understand it's validity.

"If you've told a child a thousand times & the child still does not understand it is not the child who is the slow learner." again, you have to understand the deepest heart of your chidren, feel what they feel.

Empath Personality | So folks, are you an extrovert, an introvert or an AMBIVERT?

Introvert vs. Extrovert debate – Am I an Ambivert instead?

Perfect description of me.yes, I am an introvert.I usually do not speak first.I am not stuck up.I am not anti-social.I am just an introvert.

Dividing Perennials: Tools, Techniques, and Timing - FineGardening

Dividing Perennials: Tools, Techniques, and Timing - FineGardening

Seating nook and a great place to sit and read a book.

Gorgeous garden nook and rose covered pergola! Love this vine covered nook!