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crockpot soap recipe as well as other frugal, homemade Christmas gift ideas

DIY Naturalfrom DIY Natural

Crock Pot Soap - The Secret to Making Slow Cooker Soap

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Crock Pot Soap - The Secret to Making Slow Cooker Soap | pp: Normally in cold process soap making, it takes 4-6 weeks for soap to cure fully. I’ve had a few batches that were ready in 2-3 weeks, but always seems to take longer…until I found out about crock pot soap. | #crockpot #soap #recipe

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DIY Bath Bombs / Fizzies Recipe, How to Make SPA Products CHEAP, EASY & QUICK! Homemade Gift Idea for Saint Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

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17 Soothing Soap Recipes. The best way to enjoy bath time is to make it relaxing and slow, and these homemade soothing soap recipes will help to do just that!

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How To Make 50 Homemade Gifts In Less Than 1 Hour - I have been making my own sugar scrub like this but a lotion bar...hmmm

Mines Green Circlefrom Mines Green Circle

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Easier DIY soap instructions. Very helpful for the basics of soap making.

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SHEA BUTTER COCONUT SOAP Luxuriously rich, creamy and conditioning coconut oil, lard, nutrient rich shea butter, coconut milk, olive oil, castor oil and calendula petals to make this a wonderful skin loving bar of soap.

Simply Frugalfrom Simply Frugal

A Homemade Christmas Gift: Vanilla Bath Bombs

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Today's homemade Christmas gift is a simple but fun one to make!  DIY Vanilla Bath Bombs!  The thing I love about this gift is that you can customize the scent to the person you're gifting it to.  Maybe the recipient would prefer peppermint or lavender...

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Happiness is Homemadefrom Happiness is Homemade

10-Minute DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap

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Make your own DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap in less than ten minutes! Smells just like fall - what a great gift idea!

The Happy Housewifefrom The Happy Housewife

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Holiday DIY Ideas More Diy Ideas, Homemade Christmas Gifts, Married, DiyS, Gifts Ideas, Homemade Gifts, Diy Gifts, Diy Christmas Gifts, Xmas Gifts 100 DIY Christmas Gift ideas... Lots of cute gift ideas. 100 days of xmas gifts 100 days of homemade gifts- Holiday DIY Ideas 100 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas - great diy gifts Simple homemade gifties. See more at

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Crafted Christmas Gift Guide, Homemade Gifts, Christmas DIY, Tutorial, How-To, Christmas Crafts, Handmade Gift Ideas, Budget Gifts

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This site has all sorts of homemade gifts! For her, for him, for kids, and even edible ones (perfect for co-workers). Gold mind!

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part One

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Homemade soap stamps! P.S. I Love Soap . Co!!!

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Pinner Said: I received this gift from a student this year! Absolutely most practical gift ever! I then turned around and did the same gift for my sons teachers! They loved it! Cute neighbor gift idea! Its wrapping paper tape, and the tag reads Since November youve been shopping, barely sleeping, hardly stopping. Now its late, youre in a scrape, out of paper or out of tape. Hope this wrap helps save the day! Have a Happy Holiday!

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Personalized Cake Carriers- add a cake mix, serving knife. -cute idea for christmas gifts:)

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homemade christmas guy gifts