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  • Alyssa Juguilon

    Perky Side Pony - 25 Super-Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Extremely Long Hair ... [ more at ] Your hair might be too heavy for a high, bouncy pony but, believe me, that’s not a reason to get all depressed! Try the next best thing, a teased side pony! Sweep your hair back into a side ponytail, secure it with a rubber band then tease the top part of its base to get the pony to pouf. Finish it up with some hairspray and voila!... #Hair #Simple #French #For #Thin #Easy

  • Sarah Miller

    SidePonyTail :)

  • Abigail Naval

    Long hair styles. Love her makeup

  • Patti Mc

    Long hair styles.. Side ponytail with waves. Always cute and quick.

  • frankie johnson

    Side ponytail for wavy hair

  • Lynsie

    Tousled Side Pony Tail! I'm lovin this hair color too!!

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Absolutely spectacular ....i wonder how many times she has felt ugly? Never knowing she is perfect?

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...strands of your hair and tendrils of the wind spin into nothingness the memories of that day... ~John Geddes

positivelynoteworthy: (via Alina Nikitina)

pretty...and guess what, I can do this one, I don't even have to know how to french braid, which for some reason, my fingers refuse to learn.

You could get little plastic bugs and spray paint them gold then glue em to bobby pins!