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    This smartboard activity is a map of the southeast where students can drag the state names, capitals and abbreviations' labels to the map. Also, th...

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Underground Railroad Dice Simulation with Narrative Writing Connection-A fantastic way to integrate history into writing, and have students share in an experience.$

National Geographic Underground Railroad interactive learning

southeast region | History and Culture A _ 2012-2013: SOUTHEAST'S REGION

This PowerPoint introduces the 5 regions of the United States (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West). For each region, there are sli...

inShare0 Five Regions of the United States: Southeast Region

Southeast Region Study Guide- Social Studies Alive!: Regions of Our Country

Southeast region interactive tool OutSMART 'Em!: Social Science

This product allows students to learn the location of each state in the Southeast region. There are three different ways your students can study and there is also an assessment. The download also includes an answer key for each study guide and assessment.

southeast region | Southeast Region States and Capitals

Southeast region state report and parade float-- from the Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom

FREE A SMART notebook lesson that covers the geography of the Southeast region of the United States. It includes maps, states and capitals, physical fe...

U.S. Regions Mini Booklets - All Six Regions Printable Worksheets from The Trail 4 Success on TeachersNotebook.com (30 pages) $15 for all 6 regions. Would love to use as testing for my US geography unit

This word search mini book will help student relate historical and famous figures, past events, Native American tribes, natural and economic resources, and more to the states of the Southeast and Appalachian regions. $

This unit on the Southeast region covers the natural resources, products, landmarks, landforms, and history of the region. It also has visual, kinesthetic, note-taking, writing, poetry, mapping, and dramatic activities. Homework assignments and a final test are included. Currently $9.99 for 67 pages.

This is a map study guide that goes along with my free resource,

Civil War Lapbook

Learning about the southeast region of the U.S.

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This is an activity that goes along with my free resource,

Word search for the states and capitals of the Southeast region of the United States. Figuring Out Fourth...

Every lesson in this Common Core U.S. Regions: The Southeast Region Bundle has been professionally recorded with words and music. Set up a listening center for your reluctant readers or use the audio to enhance whole group instruction!

Help your learners master the Southeast Region states and capitals! First have them make the foldable to write the capital cities of each state. ...