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Download The Coconut Oil Guide: How to Stay Healthy, Lose Weight and Feel Good through Use of Coconut Oil

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Oregano Oil Benefits Superior To Prescription Antibiotics

Oil of Oregano Benefits

Rosemary has long been believed to have memory-enhancing properties. It contains a diterpine that has neuroprotective properties that may protect against Alzheimer's disease as well as the normal memory loss that happens with aging. Remarkably, even the smell of rosemary has been found to improve memory. In addition, rosemary has been shown to increase blood flow to the head & brain, improving concentration. #dherbs #healthtips


Medicinal Herbs & How To Use Them

Medicinal Herbs & How To Use Them | Free People Blog

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Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil - Health Benefits of Oil Pulling & My results from oil pulling for one year!

balances the physical problems related to RA-12 herbs to combat arthritis,does not address the mental+emotional aspects of RA for that you need Homeopathy

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Best 7 Essential Oils For Instant Pain Relief

7 Potent Essential Oils For Instant Pain Relief - We all get headaches, back aches, sports injuries and other kinds of pains. Try some of these essential oils to ease your pain - they work wonders!!{Tested & Trusted}


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Essential oils for bug repellants

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Grandma’s Applesauce Spice Cake

Grandma's Applesauce Cake - I used 1 1/2 cups applesauce which replaced most of the oil. This cake is extra moist!!!