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Ballet isn't my favorite style of dance to do, but you just can't deny its beauty and strength.

That is impressive. Maybe if I spent as much time exercising as I do pinning I might get some muscles! lol

yup dance isn't is a sport, i bet everyone can do this...HA #dance

Balanchine’s School of American Ballet. These dancers are just as beautiful as those with stick-thin legs.

Nureyev's legs. I actually SAW his legs (up close & personal) in a pair of rehearsal shorts. He was standing in line in front of me at a tiny deli....

En Pointe. (I have a lot of dreams where I'm doing this. And flying. Not at the same time. Totally normal, right?)

ballet - my dream...too bad I was told in HS that my BUTT was too big to be a serious ballerina! =[. amh WY

I love pictures like this but the second little girls foot is sickled and her leg is bent!!!!

*by Gina Uhlmann Ermahgad I had the exact same costume when I was like 9... lol

If you don't understand and know how to execute even one of these steps... Don't call yourself a ballet dancer :)