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Baby Ballerinas 동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라동남아바카라

THIS is how you make a beautiful portrait of a young girl who is a ballet dancer! The set dressing and choice of colors, the way she is framed in the shot, the soft lighting and crystal clear focus, everything is absolutely perfect!

Ballerina / Bailarina / Балерина / Dancer / Dance / Ballet... Oh my, Nora is so built like that, I think we might have a little dancer on our hands :)

@Nadine Padoa This is your future hobby...teaching little girls to be little ballerinas..mine is the one in the front that's not quite interested as yet ;)