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So cute 😍 reminds me of being a little ballerina! Dance is something that can teach you not only technique and skill, but also discipline and hard work! #stickwithit

THIS is how you make a beautiful portrait of a young girl who is a ballet dancer! The set dressing and choice of colors, the way she is framed in the shot, the soft lighting and crystal clear focus, everything is absolutely perfect!

balletclassroomfrom balletclassroom

At the Barre

Yeah, not a lot of time spent at the bar. Dancers go to the BARRE! Academy ballet dancers (1969)-how awesome would it have been to be that dancer in the front?

L' pureté! Danse ta vie enfant et grandis dans l'espérance d'un monde sinon meilleur qu'hier,peut-être moins triste qu'aujourd'hui...

Having a Blast at Dance Class - These girls are being silly while enjoying dance class. #Dance_class is a great place to make friends, learn coordination, build confidence and have fun!

reminds me of my old little ballet dancer days :)