A Line of Dance original.... Soon to become a new shirt/tank/ hoodie/tattoo/billboard/wireless communications company/form of currency/island off the coast of India

Dance words



Dance is a sport no matter how much GLITTER is involved.

dancing quote.

I'm proud to be a dancer. #dance

dance dance dance

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Little Dance Things


Haha, too true!

Yes! This is for everyone...not just pros. "I can't dance?" Let you heart dance!

Thanks to Dance

as+far+as+we+are+concerned+dance+quote | As far as we’re concerned, breathing and dancing are the same thing.

true story

Dance is...

Every Time I dance I Turn Into A Better Version Of Me! So true, I always feel better after an hour of Zumba - I'm just a happier, more positive (sweatier) person when I walk out of class!