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{you know you're a dancer when}...yes always. the joys of contemporary dance :))

  • Emily Fox

    I love contemporary dance but this also happens in hip hip and other styles if dance

  • Emily Cass

    oh totally true! my mind just goes right to contemporary because other than ballet, that's mostly what I do :)

  • Emily Fox

    I'm on my school's dance team so we kind of have to do everything whether you like it or not. But I really wish I has also gotten more serious about ballet, and taken more classically styled ballet

  • Emily Cass

    Never too late! Ballet is the foundation of every style. It'll help your technique big time! Find a studio in your area that offers an adult ballet class. Usually, you can still join it even if you're in high school. Ballet is not easy by any means and it requires a ton of discipline, but it's worth it!

How many times have I heard this from all my dancing friends....

Admit it, we all do this first thing after dance. Dance around (because you're all stretched out) the kitchen searching for food...& lots of it

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hahaha! "I think were done here." I love it! I hate when people say that ballet is not a sport uggghhh...

  • Maxyne LeBlanc

    Well technicly ballet isn't a sport. Dance is a sport. But it's considered as an art so it's not really a sport. I'd rather it to be an art form than a sport

  • Ellie Conway

    I tried this! STILL DIDNT WORK! I hate this comment SO much!

When I started clogging in third grade, I remember trying to clog in my seat while the teacher was talking. I just wanted to get up and dance.

Not that I play sports though...but when I take zumba and kick boxing classes, you can bet cher ass my toes are pointed and I'm turned out whenever possible!!

happens ALL THE TIME,I usually just start laughing randomly and everyone wonders whats wrong with me, then it's even more awkard.

Reminds me of the dream I had about my husband 3 years before Jeremy asked me out on our first date. In the dream I followed him down the street and met him under a street light.

Mrs.Stacey (one of the dancers I know) once told the summer class I was in 4 Nutcracker, "A lot of perfectionists flock to ballet and think they can perfect it, but ballet can't be perfected." or isn't meant to be; I can't remember it exactly

for those who would rather dance in their living room than not at all

I would prefer a soft shoe on that foot.. But in other new that picture is pure gorgeous