you know you're a dancer when...

You know you're a dancer when...

But if you're in the car, you can't write it down......frustrating......because when you hear the song again, the choreography changes

every. single. one.

lmfao. being a grown up is hard. working two jobs, going to school, teaching dance, having your own class. rough. story of my life. #dancegirlproblems

dance problems

...Is this a dancer-only thing?! You know you're a dancer when you watch a dance so good it gives you chills #dancequotes

Dancer problem. I go through like a pack for each performance at least plus all the ones I need for class:P

This is me right now Three hours after my last class here I am, bun up, Leo, tights, and yoga pants

Sugar and Bruno "Straight Outta Dance Class" Shaker Bottle


dance problems

Many times....


The life of a dancer....

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you're a dancer when...

if they were in the classes I was, I don't think they'd be saying that

you know you're a dancer when

This is good for drawing

this is me. i dance in class...or by myself... not at school dances. Little Dance Things