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To bad I will never be able to make these for myself but only for Megan Smith and Kalynn Hubbard. #iphone #somethingiwillneverhave

A Pride & Prejudice iPhone charging dock. Generally I dislike anything that makes a book non-readable but there are probably enough copies of P in the world that a few turned into chargers can't hurt. ...also it's my favorite color.

25 (more) awesome iPhone tips and tricks - Find out what you are missing out on when it comes to making the most of your iPhone. What's the only thing better than 25 ways to master your iPhone? 25 more.

$29.99 Case for iPhone 4/4S with built-in storage space for credit cards/ID and a compact mirror ... this kind of makes me want to trade my droid for an iphone. wonder if they make these for my phone?

iPhone printer. No bigger than a box of tissues, no software to install and no ink cartridges. Want. Going on my christmas list!

Floral iPhone 4 or 5 Case, William Morris Vintage Honeysuckle Peach Flower Design, Plastic iPhone Cover, iPhone Gear, Device Cover

$19.95 @Frankie Law your dad is interested in it and asked me how much is it so simple yet one of the best designs I've seen for iPhone docks thus far”

Kees is a company based in The Netherlands that uses 3D printing technology to create sturdy plastic cases for your iPhone. What’s even cooler about Kees (pronounced “case” in The Netherlands) is that you can design your own case and they make it for you.

for christmas, I'll be needing one of the2e!!! PORTABLE IPHONE CHARGER- stocking stuffer

"January" iPhone case by Jenny Vorwaller. Such a pretty case...too bad I don't have an iPhone.