This photo is full of white. Woman looks so sad behind housework.

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// There is something holding me back... Is it you??

Harper’s Bazaar Russia June 1998, “Paper Moon” photographed by Vladimir Fridkes

Thinly veiled skin

don't go

camil tulcan.

cool perspective of zebra crossing "ballet" by craice, via Flickr 5271292660

katya mamadjanian

Wandering Bears : Photo

(High contrast portrait -Repinned by Pasadena, California portrait studios


hendrik kerstens photographs of daughter mimic dutch portraiture - it's the most beautiful portrait of a person with a Walmart bag on their head that I'VE ever seen! ;o)

"Day Dreaming" by Mark Borthwick, 1996. Via #petrole.

Untitled (Grandqvist 2), 2012 © Hanna Putz / courtesy of the artist - More info on the exhibition in Foam:

Rebekah, I like your work

Prue Stent's winning #dazedandexposed Instagram Prue Stent bali te huur € 1495,- per week Kombai woman and her baby, Irian Jaya, Indonesia by Frederic Lagrange

SELF SERVICE N° 4 Photography: Mark Borthwick Styling: Jane How Model: Amy Wesson